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Lava Stone

Lava stone has been used for roadside signage in France for over a century. Michelin plaques were to be found throughout towns and villages from the end of the First World War onwards. Some milestones and many signposts and street signs can still be seen today and are still in good condition. The ‘Touring club de France’ also had many enamelled lava orientation tables made as early as 1908.

Signage made from lava has a special quality. The technique using pigment glazes based on metal oxides gives a great depth of colour and an incomparable finish. The enamelled stone can be finished in either matt or gloss and the surface and has a gentle crazed effect that forms part of its character.

Lava Stone is a natural product with every piece being potentially unique. It is totally sustainable with a story that shows it coming from the land and going harmlessly back to the land in the future.

Lava Stone usually comes in a thickness of 25mm. (Sizes can range between 15 to 40mm in thickness but 25mm is standard unless otherwise specified). The maximum size of one individual piece is approximately 1500x1000mm. It can however, be tiled to cover a large area. The stone can be prepared in a selection of shapes and profiles and the edges can also be glazed.