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Ceramic Stone

Initially used for the cladding of public buildings, ‘enamelled extruded stoneware’ used with the Fired Image process, gives excellent results for all forms of signage and architectural features. The cost is a little lower than that of Lava Stone and its slimness means it can be more easily set into information boards, benches or wall fixtures. The tiles can be used to produce murals, both internally externally and even underwater for swimming pools.

Stoneware is always 8mm in thickness, comes in all sizes and can be cut with a waterjet to a variety of shapes. Due mainly to the firing process, the maximum size of one individual tile is approximately 1500x1000mm.

The usable life of Stoneware, as well as Lava Stone, used for signs is unequalled in the marketplace. We have a guarantee that the image will be totally unaffected by UV rays, heat, erosion caused by sea air or sand, frost or rain. It withstands acids, solvents, scratching, and most forms of minor impact. Graffiti is easily removed with a standard solvent. Nothing but special adhesives will adhere to the enamelled surface. ARC Creative Design guarantees that the products will look as good as when they are first delivered for 10 years although we do not believe the colours will ever fade.